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Are you geared up to turn your 

coffee break into an artistic moment?


Coronas Cafè, the historical tradition of ice cream and coffee in the heart of the metropolitan city  of Florence.


the historical tradition of

Italian coffee

This Is How We Do It

Our Story


The first Florentine coffee shops date back to the eighteenth century, when the city of Florence still retained the appearance of a medieval village, with narrow streets dotted with imposing towers. One of the oldest was the one opened (for the sale of sweet breads, coffee and liqueurs) by the Swiss Luigi Gilli in 1733 in via Calzaiuoli, a street that, at the time, was distinguished by its central position and the presence of numerous businesses commercial. Coffee shops existed and proliferated in via Calzaiuoli, a type of usual activity in the city, which has its roots in the previous century. In 1921 the premises located in via Calzaiuoli at the corner of via del Corso become a café that will take the name of CoronasCafè where one of the first historical Florentine ice cream parlors will be set up, a place of meeting and aggregation. Years later he will take a decisive position for the sales service of Salts and Tobacco which will implement the same activity of coffee and ice cream making it become a service point monopoly.


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